Shield Agriculture

Welcome to Shield Agriculture the home for Huesker, Kraiburg, Jourdain, Teemore, Moore Concrete, Wasserbauer, Daritech  products and equipment.

Shield Agriculture brings together products from worldwide companies which specialise in specific areas. UK farms can be placed directly between European and North American farming systems and its these continents which provide the majority of our products. Products from each of these companies will combine welfare friendly requirements with the need to strive for efficient production.

Shield Agriculture specialize in Kraiburg rubber flooring and mats, Huesker ventilation curtains, Light ridges, Wasserbauer auto feed pusher, Moore concrete and  Jourdain locking yoke.

Huesker Ventilation systems, Kraiburg rubber products, Jourdain gating equipment, Teemore’s extensive range of livestock equipment, Moore Concrete products, Wasserbauer feeding systems and Daritech slurry separation systems form Shield Agriculture’s main product lines. Within these lines are products and systems which cater for progressive farming techniques. Huesker, Kraiburg, Jourdain, Teemore, Moore Concrete, Wasserbauer and Daritech provide quality equipment and ranges which constantly grow to which Shield Agriculture is proud to be associated with.