Kraiburg ErgoBoard & MaxiBoard

Key Product Features

  • Animal friendly, flexible and robust
  • Combines with various lying mat systems
  • Easy retro fitting possible

Supplied in the following fitments

  • ErgoBoard
  • MaxiBoard


Length (cm)115/120
Depth (cm)9
Height (cm)18.5
Length (cm)175
Depth (cm)13
Height (cm)11

Product Description

-Complements ideally the cubicle's control devices
-Flexible, comfortable and dimensionally stable
-Allows relaxed changing of lying positions
-The cow can position herself easier to rest
-Easy on carpal joints when getting up
-Combination with various lying mat systems possible
-Easily applicable for every mat thickness
-Retrofitting easily possible

-Animal-friendly, flexible and robust
-Complements ideally the cubicle´s control devices
-Facilitates different natural lying positions
-Easy to put in litter from the head space
-Combination with various lying mat systems possible
-Ideal for 3 cm thick mats: mat and maxiBOARD are fastened at the same time
-Easy retrofitting possible
-Fits every cubicle width