• Flexible Release Cubicle

    An animal friendly cubicle providing a higher level of cow comfort Find out more
  • Shield Elite-Lux Cow Cubicle

    Shield Elite-lux cow cubicle are designed for use on solid floors with no bottom rail for extra lunging space Find out more
  • Super Loop Cow Cubicle

    Super loop cubicles offer the ability to share space and side lunging where necessary Find out more
  • Super Loop Plus Cow Cubicle

    These are a higher neck rail version of the super loop. They offer the cow greater access into the cubicles allowing the cow to stand on all 4 feet prior to lying down Find out more
  • Deluxe Cow Cubicle

    Deluxe cow cubicles are high neck rail open fronted cow cubicle mounted on a floor bracket maximizing lunging space with no bottom rail Find out more
  • Shield Clear-Lux Cow Cubicle

    Shield Clear-lux cow cubicle are designed for use on deep bed systems with no bottom rail for extra lunging space Find out more
  • Elite Sand Cubicle

    Elite sand cubicle is designed for use with deep bedded systems. With the lower section of the cubicle formed straight, this ensures the cow maintains the correct lying position Find out more
  • 18 – 24 Month Heifer Cubicle

    18-24 month heifer cubicles normally accommodate in calf heifers where welfare and comfort are of upmost importance Find out more
  • 12 – 18 Month Heifer Cubicle

    12-18 mth heifer cubicles normally accommodate heifers in their second winter, & during insemination period. Welfare and comfort is essential during this time to maximise fertility Find out more
  • 6 – 12 Month Heifer Cubicle

    The 6-12 month heifer cubicles normally accommodate the spring born calf going into the house for their first winter. This is an ideal time to train youngstock to lie in cubicles Find out more
  • 0 – 6 Months Calf Cubicle

    Ideal to train young heifers to lie in cubicles when they have been weaned. Not only does this ensure that they all lie up, but is also very cost effective, by reducing bedding Find out more
  • Sand Bed Brisket Board Bracket

    Sand brisket board bracket mounting directly to the posts. The adjustability allows for the correct positioning of the wood to ensure the correct lying position Find out more
  • Brisket Board Timber Bracket

    Adjustable bracket, U bolting to the bottom of cubicle & for attaching timber brisket board at 45 degree angle to cubicle bed Find out more
  • Brisket Pipe

    125mm heavy duty plastic brisket pipe, mounted to either the cubicle or floor using galvanised brackets Find out more
  • Brisket Plastic Pillow

    Robust plastic pillow positioned at the front of cubicle to ensure correct lying position, significantly reducing the number of dirty cubicles Find out more
  • Zig Zag Curved Headrail

    Zig zag neck rail increases neck rail height in the center of each cubicle, creating a comfortable standing position, straighter lying and promotes cleaner cubicles Find out more