Concrete Free Standing Retaining Walls

Key Product Features

  • Load bearing in 2 directions
  • Easily moved
  • Corner Units available

Available in the following heights

  • 8ft
  • 10ft
  • 13ft


Width (mm)1000
Length (mm)1220
Thickness (mm)150 upto 100
Height (mm)2425
Width (mm)1000
Length (mm)1700
Thickness (mm)210 upto 110
Height (mm)3000
Width (mm)1000
Length (mm)2155
Thickness (mm)250 upto 100
Height (mm)4000

Product Description

Free Standing Retainer Walls are ideal to create storage bays and temporary divides for the bulk storage of materials such as silage, feedstuffs, coal or aggregates. Often these free standing retainer walls are refereed to as L walls due to the shape of their design.