Diagonal Feed Fence Barrier

Key Product Features

  • Spring steel top and bottom bar
  • Unique design to reduce feed wastage & eliminate calf escaping
  • Tag friendly design
  • From 3 - 12 cow spaces
  • Also available with a timber base (limited sizes)

Similar products also available for the following animals (See individual pages)

  • Calf
  • Sheep


3 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)2
4 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)2.5
5 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)3
8 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)4
10 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)4.5
10 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)4.8
10 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)5
12 Cow Spaces
Length (mtr)6

Product Description

The original Jourdain Diagonal Barrier designed to maximise feeding spaces while reducing feed wastage. All standard sizes are kept in stock with the option of bespoke sizes made on request.
Also available is the diagonal barrier complete with timber base it's designed to swing open as a complete gate. Ideal for feed passages where access to penning is required on a regular basis. Standard sizes are available in stock with bespoke sizes available on request. lower bottom depth available for raised feed passages.