Flexible Release Cubicle

Key Product Features

  • Increased natural behaviour of the cow
  • Cows do not damage themselves
  • Cows cannot get stuck
  • Adjustable for all breeds and sizes
  • Flexible cubicles - no pressure marks


Release Cubicle
Length ()Fits all cubicle bed lengths

Product Description

Agriprom has specially designed the Release cubicle system based on cow behaviour. The Release cubicles are designed for use with all age groups to ensure total cow comfort for the whole herd.
The spacious area at the front of the cubicle means the cow has plenty of room for natural movement when she lies down or stands up. This puts the cow at ease in the cubicle.
Practical experience shows that the cows stand up and lie down faster and easier in a flexible cubicle. Whilst entering and lying down, the cow has less fear of injury due to the flexible cubicles. The flexible cubicle is clearly perceived as less damaging than the traditional steel cubicle. This applies to both deep litter beds and cow mattresses. Big cows can take more space while lying down in a flexible cubicle. The back part of their body rolls better so the cow will rest in a correct position. This results in an improved blood flow in the legs while lying down. To summarise, the release cubicle is designed to prevent discomfort, injury and pain whilst allowing the cows to express normal behaviour and thus longer lying times.