Huesker Agritec Silage Safe

Key Product Features

  • Improved fodder quality
  • Considerable reduction in fodder loss
  • Labour saving tensioning technology
  • Perforated pipe for rainwater drainage
  • No more tyres or sandbags required

Product Description

The covering of silage and the subsequent removal of fodder are labour-intensive processes. An intelligently designed system and the right type of cover are crucial to the later quality of the roughage. This makes it essential to provide an efficient, airtight seal for your silage.
With the new Agritec Silage Safe, HUESKER offers a tensioning system that allows fast and efficient covering. Immediately after deposition, the silage can be rapidly sealed in an airtight envelope with a minimum of physical effort.
Improved fodder quality due to full-surface tensioning, also along the edges in conjunction with standard silage film (provided by others). The tensioning system allows the removal of fodder in individual sections. The roughage can be covered over within 30 minutes without any great effort or use of tools. The system can even provide a tight seal for low filling levels. Rainwater can run off at the sides where it is removed by drainage pipes.