Jourdain Calf Headlocks

Key Product Features

  • Suitable for calves up to 6 months
  • Fully adjustable collar width
  • Calf guards on each position
  • Adjustable ends for easy fitting
  • Shown with optional tipping bucket trough (available separately)

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  • Cow
  • Heifer
  • Bull
  • Sheep
  • Goat


4 Calf Spaces
Length (mm)2000
5 Calf Spaces
Length (mm)2500
6 Calf Spaces
Length (mm)3000
8 Calf Spaces
Length (mm)4000
10 Calf Spaces
Length (mm)5000

Product Description

This jordain calf headlock is based on the renowned jourdain safety IV yoke. Combined with an optional tip-able trough, this creates the ideal feeding solution for batch rearing calves