Kraiburg Karera P

Key Product Features

  • Versatile dimensions to fit most areas
  • Can be fitted where scrapers run

Supplied in the following fitments

  • Puzzle Edge


Puzzle Edge 2 Sides
Width (cm)95/100/105/110/115/120/125/130
Length (cm)170
Thickness (mm)21
Puzzle edge 3 Sides
Width (cm)37.5/47.5/52.5/57.5/62.5/92.5/97.5/102.5/107.5/117.5/122.5/127.5
Length (cm)170
Thickness (mm)21
Puzzle Edge 4 Sides
Width (cm)125
Length (cm)170
Thickness (mm)21

Product Description

Quad-surface: slip-proof and easy to clean
Lower side with multisquare-profile: robust and pleasantly soft
Appropriate softness enhances animal health, productivity and longevity
Helps to reduce stress and noise
Faster milking times through improved parlour entrance and exit and more relaxed cows
Through the versatile dimensions and combination possibilities, the most unusually shaped areas can be covered with simple and fast installation
Suitable for new construction, as well as for renovation
Manure removal with scraper and driving on mats is possible*

* Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.