Kraiburg Kura P

Key Product Features

  • Animal Friendly softness and certified grip
  • The benchmark for excellent walking comfort for more than ten years
  • Can be fitted with PediKura for built in abrasion zones

Supplied in the following fitments

  • Puzzle Edge


Puzzle Edge
Width (cm)2cm increments from 96cm to 500cm
Length (cm)125
Thickness (mm)24

Product Description

Special grip-surface for certified slip resistance
Ideal softness through stud profile at lower side
Improved walking comfort
→ supports claw health and mobility
→ promotes feed intake and high yield
Permanently stable in position and form
Puzzle compensates for natural thermal expansion and practically a seamless floor area
The puzzle section parallel to the cleaning flaps is especially reinforced, so that the scraper can slide safely across it
Simple and fast installation of easy-to-handle single mats
Suitable for new construction, as well as renovation
Manure removal with scraper and driving on mats possible*