Kraiburg ProfiKura

Key Product Features

  • Optimised claw abrasion
  • Custom Fit
  • Can be fitted where scrapers run
  • Available for slatted areas

Supplied in the following fitments

  • Puzzle Edge


Width (cm)2cm increments from 96 to 500
Length (cm)125
Thickness (mm)24

Product Description

Surface with incorporated abrasive corundum and star-shaped profiling
→ high slip resistance
→ contributes to correct claw form through even abrasion on all walking areas in the cattle house
Improved walking and standing comfort
→ supports claw health and mobility
→ promotes feed intake and high yield
Helps to reduce noise and stress
Faster milking through improved parlour entrance and exit and relaxed cows
Can be installed between milking times*
Suitable for new construction as well as for renovation
Full benefits from using this product (slip resistance + optimal claw abrasion) are realised with full coverage in all walking areas in the cattle house. Claws must still be trimmed regularly, but only for the purpose of claw care and less for position correction or complex treatment. We recommend functional claw trimming 4 to 6 weeks before profiKURA is installed.