Kraiburg Wela

Key Product Features

  • 4 Star Softness
  • Adapts to body shape
  • Integrated soft slope to rear edge promotes drying off
  • Proven pebbled surface

Supplied in the following fitments

  • Longline
  • Straight Edge
  • Puzzle Edge


Width (m)10cm increments from 2.5m to 20m
Length (cm)165/170/183
Thickness (mm)50
Straight Edge
Width (cm)110/115/120/125
Length (cm)183
Thickness (mm)50
Puzzle Edge
Width (cm)110/120
Length (cm)183
Thickness (mm)50

Product Description

The innovative continuous WELA LongLine roll is 50 mm thick. Its lying length is either 183 cm, 170 cm or 165 cm. 20m of this comfort lying area cover can be delivered in one roll. Through the stable blade profile on the lower side a sink-in depth for the cow of nearly 3 cm is attained. This softness is a sensation for one-piece continuous rolls! With the proven KRAIBURG quality this softness is retained for many years.
In each cubicle WELA LongLine is fastened with 4 bolts in the specified countersunk positions at the front edge of the mat. On the right and left the lying row is finished with a profile. The integrated slope at the rear facilitates liquids, like milk or urine to run off quickly. Like all LongLine products by KRAIBURG, the surface has an easy to clean pebbled profile structure. It has a ten year warranty.
New at the EuroTier2016 : The popular WELA LongLine is now also available as single mat. The mats can be laid out either with puzzle connection or with straight edges. The WELA single mats are initially only available with a lying length of 183 cm.