Schurr Double Cow Brush

Key Product Features

  • Moveable up and down by 25cm to accommodate variable cow height
  • Stimulates blood flow for maximising milk production
  • Improves cow cleanliness
  • High grade non kink nylon brush
  • Automatic start/stop when cows nudge / leave
  • Rotates opposite direction every time it operates


Schurr Cow Brush
Width (mm)1100
Weight (kg)130

Product Description

The milk performance of your cows depends on the welfare and comfort of your animals - only healthy and groomed milking cows perform well. The SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush- system fulfils the demands and needs of your cows. With one horizontal and one vertical brush selective cleaning of the back, front and sides is possible.
A Schurr 2-brush-system differs from all other cow-brushes on the market:
• highest, most selective cow-comfort
• cleans all parts of the body
• best body adaption, large-area brush massage
• long-living brush material made of 100 % Nylon
• suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
• changes rotation when overload occurs