Concrete Footbaths

Key Product Features

  • Slightly roughened floor for secure footing
  • Curved inner wall design prevents solution loss
  • Variable Dimensions available
  • Supplied with a 100mm / 4" Bung


Made to Measure
Width (mm)Made to Measure
Length (mm)Min 3350

Product Description

Using footbaths is recognised as a preventive measure, improving animal welfare and herd activity, by helping control contagious hoof problems such as digital dermatitis. Most cattle experts advocate the benefit of regular foot bathing, indeed recommending that this is incorporated as part of the daily routine when moving dairy cattle around the milking parlour. Accounting for direct and indirect costs lameness per cow is estimated at £330 per year, reducing fertility levels and milk yields.
Our Footbath is suitable for use on either a solid floor or as a component within a suspended floor. The Footbath features a 100mm (4″) bung to facilitate rapid emptying.