Huesker Flexible Storage Tanks

Key Product Features

  • Holds virtually any type of liquid
  • Capacities of up to 220,000 gallons (1,000 m3)
  • Fitted with 2.5" or 6" connections as standard
  • Fast and straightforward filling/emptying operation


Flexible Storage Tank
Volume (Gal)From 220 to 220,000

Product Description

The high-grade, relocatable Covertec flexible tank can hold virtually any type of liquid and offers both a short-term and permanent solution to your storage problems. The containers are simply placed on the ground and require no extra lateral support.
Covertec flexible storage tanks are made from high-tech, high-tear-strength membranes and are suitable for homogeneous, solids-free liquids. They allow rapid provision of temporary or permanent storage capacity of up to 35,315 ft³ (1,000 m3) per tank. While the tanks are fitted with 2.5" or 6" connections as standard, project-specific solutions are also possible.
Other notable features of our storage tanks include their resistance to UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. This, combined with the fast and straightforward filling/emptying operation, make the Covertec flexible storage tank a flexible, long-lasting and cost-effective product.