Huesker Top Opening Ventilation Curtain (WLO)

Key Product Features

  • Opens from the top downwards
  • Winds onto a bottom roller
  • Up to a maximum of 160m in one curtain
  • Up to 3.2m opening heights


Deflection Pulleys
Length (m)Up to Max of 100m
Height (m)1.2/1.6/2.0/2.3/2.7/3.2
Drive Tube
Length (m)Up to Max of 160m
Height (mm)1.2/1.6/2.0/2.3/2.7/3.2

Product Description

The woven tarpaulins, produced at Huesker's own factory, were purpose-designed for the roll-up ventilation units. The use of robust materials - e.g. polyester (PES) and polyethylene (PE) - ensures that they offer extra-high weather and UV resistance. The tarpaulins and mesh have welted edges that are securely held by rails. We offer a wide variety of roll-up systems that are made-to-measure and comply with the EC Machinery Directive.
This is a Roll-up ventilation unit for eaves elevation of livestock houses to regulate air supply while providing wind and weather protection. The WLO model opens from the top downwards and winds onto a bottom roller. Pulleys or a central drive tube are used for suspension. A variety of PVC-coated, polyethylene (PE) or polyester (PES) woven tarpaulins (so-called "truck tarpaulins") are available.